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Episode 20: Breakups, Part One:  The Rejected

We kick off our breakup series with a topic that floods our inbox: rejection. How do you deal with the heartache of getting dumped? Is it ever healthy to stay in touch with your ex after they break up with you? What do you do when you have the urge to obsessively follow your ex on social media? Surviving the emotional aftermath of a breakup is complex and exhausting. How do you move forward with seemingly unbearable heartache?

Episode 19: Freedom From Regret

Regrets -- we've all had a few. This week, we explore the different ways to handle those situations that didn't quite end in our favor. What have we regretted the most? Is it possible to have no regrets? Can you ever overcome the remorse that results from your decisions? We also share how Ingrid's second grade haircut spiraled into regrets over friendship, how to use FOMO to your advantage, and help a listener who can't shake a life-changing loss. When we dwell on the "what ifs" that could've been, it's natural to feel ashamed, disappointed, or even hopeless. But if that paralyzes your ability to move on, you might be in trouble. How will you climb over the barriers of regret and embrace the life that is yours?

Episode 18: How We Turned Our Hobbies Into Careers

This week, we discuss the ebb and flow of using passion to pay the bills. How do you deal with judgment and criticism from friends, family, or reputable companies? We also talk about the pros and cons of working for yourself, the fear of selling out, and the anxiety around career paths that come with no guarantees. How do we navigate times of uncertainty in a world that demands self confidence and doesn't always embrace the humbling moments of mediocrity we all experience?

Episode 17: An Honest Look at Friends With Benefits

Entering the friends with benefits situation is like
stepping into a pool of honey - it's sweet at the moment, but it can
get real sticky real fast. So why do we seek these types of
relationships? Can you ever go back to "just friends"? We also discuss
the pros and cons of being FWB with your ex, and the fear of losing a
best friend once that label is gone. These relationships can be fun,
but if you aren't honest with yourself and your FWB partner, someone
can get really hurt. What can you do to prevent this can-be complicated
friendship from becoming a big mess?

Episode 16:  A Prescription for Loneliness

In this week's episode, we investigate the spiral into loneliness. Why do we feel alone even when we're surrounded by people? Is the internet contributing to our feelings of isolation? It's common to feel withdrawn from the world around us, but if we blame others for not understanding who we truly are, we only fall further into solitude. What changes can you make to reconnect with the world and cultivate genuine relationships?

Episode 15: Listener Letter Faves

Sharing your stories has been such a valuable part of
this show. So this week, we honor you guys by bringing you some of our
favorite moments from letter time - the fear of being forever alone,
last name debates, and Greek god bods. We'll be back next week with
more episodes, so join our conversation by emailing

Episode 14: Own Your Shame

In this week's episode, we investigate the dark, haunting feeling of shame. What moments have been our biggest source of shame? Why and how do we hide behind it? We also investigate why society is quick to blame victims, how to stop people from making you feel unworthy, and why it's important to share your shame. If we let the heavy weight of shame drag us down, it only makes it harder to climb out of the black pit of self-hatred. How will you free yourself from the chains of shame?

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Episode 13: Unpacking Personal Identities

This week, we take a long reflection at our ever-evolving identities. How have our personal identities changed the most? How can you overcome an identity crisis? We also examine how our families and mixed backgrounds have impacted our individual growth, why we feel pressured to label ourselves, and why we feel like failures when those labels no longer apply. Personal identities almost never stay the same - it's scary, but also just part of life. How will you accept this change and own the freedom to be your genuine self?

Episode 12: Justifying Jealousy & Envy at PlayList Live

In this Playlist Live special, we explore the complications of jealousy and envy. What's the difference between these two emotions? How can you be less jealous in relationships? We also discuss why we have these feelings, how to stop comparing your friends' success to your own, and how to tell your significant other that you're jealous. We all experience jealousy and envy at some point. But how do you know if it's okay to act on it?

Episode 11: Dealbreakers: The No-No's of Relationships

This week we spill about deal-breakers - the nah-nah-nah's, the romance ruiners. What are our biggest deal-breakers? Should cheating always result in breakups? Would we pick unconditional love over a million dollars? We also examine how our lists of red flags have evolved, discover why Cat is still single, and help a married listener find the balance between compromise and conformity. Of course, no one is perfect. But when your significant other does something that you absolutely cannot stand, are there other options besides change your views or get out?
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Episode 10: Balancing Independence and Validation

This week is a bit of a two-parter, as we investigate the relationship between independence and validation. Why are some of us more self-reliant than others? Is it dangerous to rely on external validation (especially from the internet) for personal confidence? Why is a stranger's compliment more fulfilling than the love from your significant other? We also help a listener who is afraid of falling into another codependent romance. Validation is important; but how do you channel that idea into a reality of empowerment and motivation, rather than destruction?

Episode 9: Marriage: True Love or a Trap?

Our best friends Eileen and Carrie join us this week to discuss the hype around marriage. Why has marriage become the ultimate goal? Will we ever tie the knot? Can a couple still love each other but not be in love? We also share our biggest fears about marriage, the media's impact on our views, and the fate of our last names after the honeymoon. Marriage has been redefined from a transaction, an evolutionary necessity, a testament of love - but honestly, it's whatever you want it to be. What does marriage mean to you?




Episode 8: Complicated Crushes

Crushing on someone? Join the party! This week, we spill the beans on our current, very complicated crushes. What do we do with these feelings? How can you tell if you have a crush? Is it okay to crush on someone when you know they're in a relationship? We also compare our crush histories, explain how to protect yourself from a crush, and read a letter from a listener who is torn between new romance and an old friendship. Crushes can be a fun hobby, an unfamiliar beast - but most of all, a wild ball of emotions that you can't always control. What do you do when you're caught in a crush?

Episode 7: The Meaning of Motherhood

In honor of Mother's Day, we try to make some sense of motherhood. How do we define motherhood? What kind of unconventional mother figures raised us? Will we eventually become mothers? We also discuss the belief that motherhood is a woman's ultimate purpose in life, share a listener's shattered dreams of raising her own biological children, and debate whether it's okay to regret having kids. Freedom and empowerment for any mom - as well as their child - is a difficult balance. How do you think our ideas of motherhood will evolve in the years to come?

Episode 6: Introverts in an Extroverted World

We're both proud introverts, but surviving in a world built around extroverts can be tough. How can you thrive in a workplace that's surrounded by people? What are the pros and cons of dating introverts vs. extroverts? We also discuss how to break the fear of public speaking, how the internet gave power to introverts, and how to navigate an introverted vs. extroverted argument. Even though our world covets the noise of extroverts, there are plenty of benefits on the other side of the spectrum. How will you embrace the quiet space?



Episode 5: Sexuality & Stereotypes

We've made tons of progress in the LGBTQ+ community, but there are many challenges that still exist. How do you keep heteronormative comments from pushing you further into the closet? Is it ever okay to ask someone if they're gay? As a lesbian, what do you do if a heterosexual guy is interested in you? We also discuss the pros and cons of coming out and the history behind queer stereotypes. The world is bigger and brighter, now, more than ever. How will you give yourself your best chance?



Episode 4: Our Bodies, Our Stories

Our bodies are part of our story - including this week's conversation. Can you be too fat to be intimate? Is skinny-shaming just as bad as fat-shaming? Can too much body positivity be unhealthy? We also share our boobalutions and explore ways to deal with insecurities. Every body is different. So how do we navigate a world that often pressures us to fit into the same narrow standards?

Episode 3: Online Dating:  How Do You Do This Thing?

This week we dive into online dating. How can you make the best profile? How do you build up the courage to meet an online match in person? What's the best way to break up after the first date? We also give tips on how to meet strangers safely, explain why Cat swipes left on hot guys, and help you avoid dates who could turn into bullies. Dating in general is nerve-racking, but is the internet making it easier for us or more intimidating?

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Episode 2: Feminism Now: Empowerment or Objectification?

In this episode, we debate the many aspects of feminism. Are Kim's nude photos an act of female empowerment or objectification? Do women deserve to be pissed off? Why are more females joining the porn industry? We also address a listener's question about why our society only values women for their looks. There's a fine line between empowerment and objectification. Where will you fall?

Episode 1: Friendship or Friendless?

Welcome to the first episode of Ladies Who Lunch! In this episode, we explore the multifaceted world of friendship through the lens of our real life relationship. Can you have more than one best friend? How do you cultivate and maintain friendships as an adult? What do you do if you suck at small talk? We'll also be discussing a letter from a listener who is afraid of being friendless forever. If connection is something we all innately crave, why does it feel like good friends are so hard to find?